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I Can’t Turn It Off

I can't turn it off. I can't turn it off - this thing inside me that cares about people.

I can't turn it off.

The unsettled roiling in the souls of people I know...unsettles me too.

I ache. My heart aches today.

I can't turn it off.

This is true of anyone who loves.

A virus comes and we are quarantined. We can deal with that. Its uncomfortable but we can deal with it.


All the things that were happening before...are still happening: people taking chemo, people loving people taking chemo, people on dialysis, people with pre-existing physical, mental, spiritual problems, war and rumors or war...these are still happening.

People still have accidents with their vehicles. They still fall down and hurt their bodies.

People still get sick with the illnesses and diseases that were here before this virus came and will be here after it moves on.

All the things that were happening before...are still happening.

Those whose lifestyles are to live in fear still live that way.

Those whose lifestyles are to mock...still mock.

Those whose lifestyles are to harm others are still at that - cooperating with the malevolent being who is behind the virus of this season.

They can't seem to turn it off.

But others...THEY can't turn it off either.

These are the ones whose lifestyle it is to serve...the ones who are givers...the ones who can't stop checking up on those around them.

These are the ones who keep working even when they are anxious, afraid, concerned...tired.

They work at home instead of the shop or the office. They work at learning how to suddenly be home school teachers. They work at finding things for the little children in their homes to do. They work at figuring how to go to the store and NOT take their babies. They work at not being able to BE with their loved ones who are in hospitals or nursing homes or overseas serving their countries or companies.

They keep working. They can't turn it off.

May we NEVER find a way to turn off these feelings and thoughts and inclinations and ways of being that reflect the TRUTH that we were made to be restored to the image and likeness of God.

HE cares about all these things that hurt and bother and attack and assail and kill and distress people.

He cares about us.

He can't turn it off. It is how He IS. It is WHO He is for He truly IS love.

May we never be able to turn that off in ourselves.

And, for those who seem to never have seen love in themselves and those who HAVE but seem to have lost track of that...come home.

Come home to love.

We need this.

I HUNGER for this.

I can't turn it off. I wouldn’t if I could.

Pastor Mike McInerney Mike McInerney Ministries, Inc. Decatur, TX © April 4, 2020

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