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As a true faith-only ministry, we trust the Lord for our funding.

Therefore, we do not charge anyone any fees for anything that we do.

As such, we are completely funded through non-solicited donations.

One way the Lord provides for a full faith ministry like ours is to touch people to give. Actually, if you are a Christian, everything you have belongs to Jesus. God has given us the vision for this ministry and wherever He gives a vision He always gives provision.

I believe that if He is prompting you to be a part of what we do, either through a one-time donation or through regular monthly giving, He is merely allocating some of His funds to the ministry He has birthed through us.

We just ask that before you give, you pray and ask His opinion and then, simply, do what He says to do.


Our ministry is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit organization. This means that any donation/offering will be tax deductible. When you give, please provide all the information we need in order to quickly get a receipt to you.


You may send them to:

Mike McInerney Ministries
701 N. Church Street
Decatur, Texas 76234

Please make checks payable to:

Mike McInerney Ministries

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How We Use It

Our budget is used for a variety of things: monthly obligations like the rent for "The Safe Place", our ministry, discipleship training and resource center, internet charges, cell phone, salaries, etc.
It also funds materials for spiritual growth such as Bibles, study guides, books and training helps, postage, office supplies, and computer acquisition and upkeep.

Roughly a quarter to a third of our income has classically been used to help others in our community and in other places helping to facilitate the meeting of material needs for those who the Lord directs us to help. 
In addition, the budget funds trips to do teachings and conferences, and pastoral and other ministry trips.

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