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On Why Celebrity Deaths Affect Us

The week I am writing this there have been another couple of celebrity deaths.

I've noticed that when actors or singers I've been aware of my whole life affects me a little. Sometimes it affects me a lot if I loved their work.

Generally, though, I don't elevate any people.

I think celebrities are just people. Nothing special. I appreciate talent and drive and, frankly, the luck that propels most of them into notoriety but really...they are JUST people.

I have a theory on why people are devastated when one dies....even at his own hand.

People are so distant from one another that they don't often have REAL personal relationships...deep ones. The arts often have to do with the artists sharing their hearts. When they affects people.

In addition, so many absolutes are being challenged now. People don't realize that these are markers or boundaries. They are like landmarks. But they are being shifted.

(The Bible commands us not to move the ancient landmarks because God knows the damage that does to all humans.)

“Do not remove the ancient landmark which your fathers have set.” (Proverb 22:28 - NASB)

So, because of the rebellious nature of fallen people, these landmarks are being moved and that leads to anxiety.

People were designed by God to feel okay because the landmarks are constant...but they aren' we go find other landmarks - teachers, artists, coaches, etc.

In our minds, actors, singers, etc....stay they way they were when we first heard and/or saw them. However, people always change. Some die.

Some die, tragically and needlessly, at their own hands. For some, the hero worship people pour out on them is the reason they hide their pain to the point where it is too unbearable....and they kill themselves.

The people moving the landmarks are every bit as at risk as is the general populace.

The antidote: seek out healthy people and be a real part of the lives of others and allow others to be a part of your life.

Most important of all, draw near to God. He is the only Being who has ever existed Who has a PERFECT track record of being unselfish and completely loving.


Pastor Mike McInerney

Mike McInerney Ministries

Decatur, TX

© July 21, 2017

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