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The Jesus Song

I was listening to a talk show host on the radio yesterday and he made a great point about art. He said he misses the day when artists produced works that revealed beauty. His belief is that now most artists are narcissistic and seem to be only interested in expressing what they feel. He said the landscape is polluted by sculptures that only the artist knows what they mean.

I see his point. I see a culture filled with people obsessed with themselves. I feel. I want. I lack and on and on.

I think that the flesh, which was unleashed in the Garden of Eden when man chose SELF reliance over reliance upon the only Reliable One, has a theme song. It goes like this:


This narcissism has saturated the Body of Christ. People shop for the perfect place for them to consume some Jesus in a way that THEY like. Some Christian leaders cater to this and design consumer friendly spiritual restaurants in which they can satisfy their religious flesh.

Why don't we shrug off this worldly cloak and just allow the beauty and simplicity of the first century Church emerge? This is what artists of old did: they allowed the beauty of what they saw just emerge through their art.

Much more significantly, this is what the first century Church did: they allowed God's plan for relationship with Him and among brothers and sisters in Christ to just emerge through their worship, praise, service, giving - all to glorify the King.

When we do this (IF we ever get back to it) we will have a theme song. It will go JUST like this:


What a wonderful day that will be.

Pastor Mike McInerney

Mike McInerney Ministries, Inc.

Decatur, Texas

© October 5, 2013

For use with permission

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