May 28, 2018

I just had a pleasant experience and I sense I am supposed to share it. 

While some do, most of the people who minister like we minister do not do so for personal gain or recognition. 

We are simply content to serve the Lord in this way.  

So, we don’t...

May 23, 2018

There is nothing that touches me more than to witness what I call “spiritual courage.”

My definition of “spiritual courage” is “to do what we know is right to do spiritually even when faced with dire consequences.”

Jesus walked into Jerusalem knowing f...

May 16, 2018

In the past 2 years I have experienced the deaths of 7 significant people in my life: my pastor, some friends....(my pastor was also my friend), including people I watch over as THEIR pastor.

A few days ago a man I pastored who lived in Carrolton, TX,...

May 11, 2018

“Therefore, because it was the Preparation Day, that the bodies should not remain on the Cross on the Sabbath (for that Sabbath was a high day), the Jews asked Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away.” (John 19:31)


May 10, 2018


Its 10:30 am. I’m sitting in my office at home eating a wonderful late breakfast: pan fried ham and scrambled eggs with curry. It’s a delicious way to have scrambled eggs. You should try it sometime.  

I have a full schedule today. My pla...

May 3, 2018

“I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word;” (John 17:20)

He says this in the present tense.

Jesus prays.

Right now He is praying for those that will come to Him though our various ministries, through wh...

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